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Fatal Love 2016

Fatal Love 2016

Sha zhi lian    2016

N/A 92 min DramaRomanceScience Fiction

IMDB: 6.2/10 71 votes


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Hong Kong

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her husband felt there was something wrong, but I do not know what went wrong. One night, she suddenly found that he is not her husband, he really should be called “it”, because he is not human.
“It” is a smart robots, robot engineer who is a husband’s latest work. Because of her husband ventured to break the three laws of robotics, so the entire course of the study of foreign strictly confidential, then the display along the final stage of testing only to the most trusted of her to complete.
Her extreme crash but unable to fight, but to try to get along for some time, and robotics. In this strange coexistence among her from the initial conflict resisted slowly becoming dependent and appreciation, and even the robot had a different kind of feeling.
The development of events so unexpected, furious husband to find ways to punish her torment and robots, with extremely cold proved robot simply no feelings. At first she did not believe, after many temptations, but had to accept the cruel reality.
The robot does not have feelings, she felt everything is actually generated by the behavior of the surface caused by the illusion.
Heartbroken, she robot completely covered with dust, her husband finally realized his absurd, to express her deep repentance. Life seems to return to the original calm, can seemingly calm her mouth always wearing a trace of imperceptible smile.
A plan brewing for a long time, is in accordance with her vision slowly forward with ……

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Fatal Love 2016
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